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Badger Catholic is the Catholic Student Organization at the University of Wisconsin Madison. We are funded through the Associated Students of Madison. We provide many services and events to students of any faith or creed here on campus.

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Peer Mentors – Need someone to talk to? Have questions about the Faith? One of our Peer Mentors would LOVE to meet with you!
Service– Whether you want to sign up for a local trip or a service trip, Badger Catholic has enough service opportunities to fit any schedule!
Alpha Omega– Join us for a large group meeting every Thursday night! We will share a home-cooked meal, listen to speakers, and have a live band perform praise and worship music!
Fides et Ratio– Wanna learn more about the logic behind the Catholic Faith? Fides et Ratio focuses on the logic and reason behind why we believe what we do.
Vita Pura– Do you care about the environment? Join Vita Pura on Sunday afternoons to learn how we can grow closer to God, to the land, and to others in our community!