Kayla VanDyke

President (

Kayla is a junior at UW studying Material Science & Engineering. She is the President for Badger Catholic. She grew up in Appleton, WI in a Catholic family of four. In Madison, she spends most of her time at the sand volleyball courts or eating ice cream at the Union! She loves being outdoors and participating in activities such as water skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and rollerblading. She also enjoys fun nights with friends that include lots of laughing, playing cribbage, and watching Remember the Titans. She loves meeting new people and seeing Christ’s ways work throughout their lives.

Caitlynne Naughton

Caitlynne Naughton

I grew up with my four brothers and two sisters in a little farm town called Neillsville, WI. As soon as I graduated high school my parents sent me off to work on my biology degree and moved to Minnesota (ssss). I considered myself homeless until I found a home at St. Paul’s. I love to run, volley, ‘ball (basketball), and swim outside as much as possible. I adore cooking (not as much as I adore Jesus) and firmly believe anything tastes better with avocado. I recently learned how to drive a motorcycle and love meeting new people as well as learning about their faith, so any combination of activity and conversation would make for a great day.

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Erin Guarnieri

I grew up in a family of five, sandwiched in between two brothers who taught me to climb anything from trees to mountains, build the best snow forts, to laugh, and to love. I am a sophomore here at UW studying to be a high school history and English teacher. I love making ceramic art, dancing, talking about all sorts of health foods, rollerblading, and being a child of God. Whenever I feel the stress of college, I always remind myself to “let go and let God”.


Anastasia Konopacki

Vice President (

My name is Anastasia Konopacki. Laughing is my favorite hobby, though I also love to read and write letters. I am a sophomore and undecided, but being involved with the St. Paul’s community, College Republicans, and the Wisco Triathlon Team are all things I am very passionate about. I would travel back to Poland in a heartbeat, and my lifelong goal is to know Jesus personally. This should be a fantastic year, I am excited to be serving on the service team!

Ben Pribbenow

Ben Pribbenow

Treasurer (

Ben is a junior studying Personal Finance and is originally from Kimberly, WI.  Ben is a mountain climber; he scaled Longs Peak in the summer of 2014.  By day, Ben is the Badger Catholic Treasurer, but by night, he walks high schoolers through the streets of Madison and spits fun facts about the university at them.  He loves Jesus, his family, John Mayer, playing guitar, and Badger Athletics.


Raina Richardson

Executive Secretary (

Raina is a sophomore originally from McFarland, Wisconsin majoring in Agricultural Economics with a certificate Religious Studies. When she’s not fighting to end world hunger one ear of corn at a time, you can find her watching Jeopardy, working on her golf swing, and eating BBQ chicken pizza. Much to the dismay of Brewer fans, she’s still celebrating the Chicago Cubs FINALLY winning the World Series. She is so excited to share the love of Christ on campus.


Luke Kersting

Advisor to the Executive Board 

Luke comes from a large Catholic family with seven boys and a little sister. He was born and raised in Napa, CA, and went on to get his B.S. in Physics from the University of Dallas, where he also played baseball. He is currently a Ph.D. student at UW-Madison with the Nuclear Engineering Department.



Geoffrey Ludvik

Peer Mentor Coordinator

Geoffrey is a graduate student at UW in the Department of Anthropology (Archaeology). He studies Biblical Archaeology and has conducted research in the Holy Land and Near East. Besides watching Indiana Jones and avoiding various perils abroad, he enjoys studying Catholic Apologetics and theology, placing Biblical (particularly Old Testament) narratives in their cultural and historical context, investigating the relationship between faith and reason, co-directing Fides et Ratio, reading classical literature, running, and everything J.R.R. Tolkien.


Dominique D’huyvetter

Vita Pura Coordinator

Hi, I am Dominique. I come from a large farm family of eight. I am number five and have enjoyed growing up with all of my siblings. I grew in a small town named Fairchild, which is located half an hour away from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I am currently a Junior majoring in Dairy Science, and have had the wonderful experience of growing in community at St. Paul’s for the past two years. I love cows, cats, food, and building friendships. This year I took on the role of Vita Pura Coordinator for Badger Catholic. I look forward to growing with everyone as we strive to live the pure life!


Ryan Fryjoff

Engagement Director (

I am a senior studying computer science. My favorite hobbies include playing sheepshead with my friends, fishing, going to trivia on Monday nights, and playing musical instruments, specifically piano, guitar, and drums. Most importantly, I love having an intimate moment with Christ in Eucharistic Adoration, where I can enjoy a deep conversation with my closest friend.
Austin Lacey

Austin Lacey

Service Coordinator

Austin is a senior at UW-Madison majoring in Operations Management in Business School. He is originally from Madison, Wisconsin. Austin enjoys playing tennis, golf, and going on a run every so often. He also enjoys learning about his faith and listening to others talk about their faith. And, of course, Austin enjoys doing service activities! If you sign-up for the CMC Meal BC service event there’s a good chance Austin will be your leader!


Patricia Ruiz Rivera

Marketing Director (

Patricia Ruiz Rivera is a social media savvy, marketing and communications connoisseur. After moving all the way from Puerto Rico to Wisconsin to pursue her graduate studies at UW-Madison, she was offered the opportunity to lead Badger Catholic’s Marketing Department. On this account, she will rebrand the organization in order to inspire faith through the advertising and social media spectrum. She earned two bachelor’s degrees in Communications and Comparative Literature at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras Campus. Patricia is also passionate about excellent writing skills, research and literature.

Kate Bednarke

Pastoral Intern: Alpha Omega (

Aloha! Kate comes from the land out east, well not too far east, only about an hour east of Madison, a place called Hartland, Wisconsin. She is a recent graduate of UW-Madison (May 2016) with a degree in Statistics and is working at St. Paul’s University Catholic Center as an intern this year. Kate loves people, loves love, and people loves. You might wonder what that means, well she would be more than willing to explain if you ever felt like chatting with the joyful Kate. This year Kate is helping run Badger Catholic’s weekly large group, Alpha Omega, with intensions of reaching out to young Badgers everywhere and bringing them into this loving community. More than anything, Kate enjoys praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament, swimming, being around water, talking, storytelling, and smiling.


Natalie Melk

Pastoral Intern

Natalie graduated from UW with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music-Cello Performance and Creative Writing. She’s very excited to be working with Badger Catholic this year and serving the Church as a pastoral intern. In her free time, she will most likely be found performing or listening to classical music, but she also enjoys spending time outside, especially biking to the Arboretum, bird-watching, golfing, camping, hiking, and ice skating.


David Cupp

Peer Mentor

David is currently a senior studying biology with the hopes of attending medical school after graduation. Hailing from The Original A-Town (Appleton, WI), David grew up with a love for music, Harry Potter and his cat Whiskers. Most recently, David spent the summer leading local service trips for high school and middle school students with a program in the Madison Diocese called Love Begins Here. This experience fueled a fiery devotion for St. Teresa of Calcutta. She once said, “Bring love into your home, for this is where our love for each other must start.” For this reason, David is excited to work for Badger Catholic as a peer mentor – to bring love into his home, our campus at UW Madison.


Shenghao Xue (Horace)

Peer Mentor

My name is Horace and I come from Sichuan, China. Here in UW, I am a senior in Electrical Engineering. In my free time, I enjoy badminton, snowboarding, longboarding, hiking and archery. It was a gradual but solid process that I get to know Jesus and how abundant his love is. Now I am certain that I live here for a reason, that is to get closer with Christ. My favorite quote is from Léon Bloy: “The only great tragedy in life, is not to become a saint”. I am happy to be a peer mentor and I am looking forward to talk to you.


Helena Dziadowicz

Peer Mentor

Hi! The first thing people notice and comment on about Helena is a tight toss-up between how tall she is and her immense desire to love every human she encounters. She is rarely caught without a smile, as she believes that a smile can change everything. Constantly surrounding herself by people, she actually gains energy by conversing and has been known for diving into DMC’s (Deep Meaningful Conversation’s) with most strangers upon first meeting. The greatest joys in her life come from attending Group X classes on campus and praising the Lord through evenings of praise & worship. She is most passionate when sipping coffee, discussing the radical love that Jesus so desperately wants us all to experience, and therefore strives to make herself available to people—it’s a challenge to leave a conversation without receiving a hug!


Kate Wells

Peer Mentor

I grew up in New Glarus Wisconsin, about 45 minutes south from Madison. I am a freshman studying Math and Russian. I also play French Horn and greatly enjoy playing both classical pieces and pieces arranged for Twisted Metal, the horn choir turned rock band. I love traveling, going on adventures, hiking, and reading. My favorite part about Madison is the lake, the amount of fun the lake affords people is

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Ania Adamiec

Peer Mentor

Hello friends! My name is Ania (pronounced ah-n-yah) and I come from a very loving, Polish family that currently lives in Kenosha, WI. I’m a sophomore and still undecided, but I’m slowly figuring that out, so all is well. I’m a firm believer in singing loudly and proudly, laughing hard at your own jokes, and in doing anything that gets your heart racing and adrenaline rushing. I’m super pumped to be a peer mentor this year because conversations and friendships focused on God are true blessings in life.


Jessica Greshik

Peer Mentor

Jess grew up on a farm and is the second oldest of a family of five sons and two daughters. Her two youngest brothers are shown in the picture to the left. She usually takes the motherly role of friend group and likes to cook meals for anyone willing to eat. Jess is studying to be a nurse, so you can usually find her at Memorial Library in the wood room, and is always looking for a study buddy. Last summer, she ventured to Malawi, Africa for a clinical rotation through the School of Nursing. When she isn’t studying you can find her praying, reading, or running around Madison. Her role models are Mother Teresa (now Saint Teresa of Calcutta, woop woop!) and her aunt who is a nurse. Jess is looking forward to peer mentoring because she is eager to make new friends and help them grow in their faith.


Tyler Ballweg

Peer Mentor

I grew up in Sauk City, Wisconsin in a Catholic family of five, and currently I am a junior here at UW-Madison studying psychology and economics. From running and playing tennis, to reading and spending time with friends, to thinking and having deep conversations about the meaning of life, I never like to do anything just halfway. But nothing has brought me more peace, joy, or purpose than my Catholic faith and my relationship with Jesus Christ. Mr. Rogers said, “Knowing we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people,” and this is exactly the kind of love God offers to each of us. Sharing this love with others is my biggest goal as a peer mentor here at Badger Catholic.


Anastasia Konopacki

Service Team Member

My name is Anastasia Konopacki. Laughing is my favorite hobby, though I also love to read and write letters. I am a sophomore and undecided, but being involved with the St. Paul’s community, College Republicans, and the Wisco Triathlon Team are all things I am very passionate about. I would travel back to Poland in a heartbeat, and my lifelong goal is to know Jesus personally. This should be a fantastic year, I am excited to be serving on the service team!


Peitong Jing

Peer Mentor

Peitong often asks herself, “Why are you here on this planet?” Peitong is from Jinan, a city decorated by willow trees and lotus flowers in China. She lives close to the hometown of Confucius, an influential Chinese philosopher. She grew up surrounded by atheists, Taoist, and Buddhist believers. However, Peitong is a big fan of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, St Therese, and her Guardian Angel. At UW-Madison, Peitong is a sophomore majoring in Economics and International Studies. She likes fireflies, farmers markets, the Lakeshore Path, and the United States. She is very excited to get to know you.

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Chris Trafton

Peer Mentor

I’m the oldest of 5 kids in a large Catholic family that has 23 cousins on my mom’s side alone. There is nothing that beats the crazy family get togethers. I’ve been playing and watching sports (baseball, football, soccer, track, you name it) for as long as I can remember. When I’m not playing some sort of sport I also enjoy reading, playing cards, and eating. The Catholic faith has become an even bigger part of my life in college, and I’m excited to talk to others about it as a peer mentor.


Andrew Thomas

Peer Mentor

Andrew is a Senior at UW, majoring in Neurobiology. Candid, approachable and always ready for a conversation about anything (especially God!), he is beyond excited to be a peer mentor. Always loving life and looking for a good laugh nothing makes him happier than traveling the world, spending time with the fam-bam, eating great food (cheese curds, cheese, more cheese) and being Catholic of course.


Crysta Frank

Service Team Member

I grew up 20 minutes from Madison and have been a huge fan of the Badgers and Babcock ice-cream for my whole life. Now that I’m a student here my love of those two things has only grown. But my love for my faith has grown even more! Besides eating ice-cream, I also love to adventure and enjoy the great outdoors. Laughing is also a favorite hobby of mine 🙂


Collin Konetzke

Graphic Designer

Collin is Junior pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Ideally, he would spend his days hiking, climbing trees, jumping off things, reading Tolkien, praying, and sipping mint tea. Realistically, he can be found huddled in the sunless dungeons of Humanities trying to scrape paint out from under his fingernails or clicking away on a design in a computer lab.