Ongoing Service


The most impactful ways to serve our community are through longer-range personal commitments such as tutoring, visiting hospices, and doing prison ministry.

Monday night Service Team meetings include an informational and brainstorming session for connecting students with Ongoing Service opportunities in Madison.

Service Through Encounter

Pope Francis has made the practice of “encounter” a major theme of his pontificate. By truly encountering others and understanding their experiences, we are able to love them more fully. We understand service to be prayer in action, because by it we encounter Jesus in those we serve and in each other. This is one reason why it is important to get off of campus and into areas of the city where many people face difficulties that we are unaccustomed with. It is also why we strive to come to these areas in a way that allows us to be totally immersed in our surroundings, usually taking public transportation instead of bypassing the neighborhoods we serve in the privacy of our cars on busy thoroughfares.

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