Vita Pura

Badger Catholic’s Vita Pura is a Catholic student group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, under the patronage of St. Francis of Assisi. We employ the Church’s sacraments, prayer, and social doctrine to grow in holiness by pursuing the pure Christian life — particularly by fostering simplicity and by growing in awareness of our relationships with each other, with our neighbors around the world, and with God’s creation.

Through our potluck speakers series, community events, resolutions, encounters with God’s creation, and cooperative housing, we seek to promote for a revolution in the human heart for the restoration and growth of authentic human culture. We strive to promote traditional morality, meaningful relationships among local ecosystems and communities, economics on a human scale, and simple living. This includes fostering a culture of production, not consumption, and of being, not having. Our efforts are purely cultural, not political. For example, we are committed to reforming ourselves first and foremost as individuals, then as a community, and finally as a parish. We are orthodox Catholics who commit all of our understanding and activity to the guidance of Holy Mother Church.