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Badger Catholic is hiring for Treasurer, Webmaster, Fides et Ratio Coordinator and Peer Mentor


The treasurer is responsible for keeping track of Badger Catholic’s budget. The treasurer records all transactions and works with the President to set budgets and keep expenditures within the limits of the budget.  The treasurer oversees payment of Badger Catholic’s bills in a timely manner through working with SSFC administrators.The treasurer is to be particularly diligent through planning and oversight to insure that all student program and service expenditures are paid through the Badger Catholic budget. Additionally, the treasurer attends weekly meetings with ASM Financial Staff.


The Badger Catholic Webmaster is responsible for the daily management of Badger Catholic’s website. The Webmaster updates the website to show Badger Catholic’s latest events and to display other upcoming programming Badger Catholic offers. The Webmaster also meets and communicates with Badger Catholic leadership to ensure that the website constantly reflects Badger Catholic’s mission.

Fides et Ratio Coordinator

The FeR coordinator meets with Fides planning team to coordinate speakers and plan group meetings. The FeR coordinator contacts speakers with event details, promotes events via social media (facebook events, email lists), records and uploads talks to the Badger Catholic website.

Peer Mentor

The Peer Mentors are primarily responsible for meeting with students on campus who have questions about faith and spirituality. The Peer Mentor facilitates conversations with these students and helps them find deeper understanding in areas where there is interest, doubt, or curiosity. Additionally, a Peer Mentor must attend weekly staff meetings throughout the year, hold weekly office hours and meet with the Peer Mentor Director biweekly. Finally, a Peer Mentor helps to support Badger Catholic’s volunteers and to implement Badger Catholic programming.

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