About Badger Catholic

Badger Catholic is the Catholic Student Organization at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Our mission is to provide spiritual resources and services to all Badgers at Madison, regardless of faith or creed.

To Know.

Badger Catholic inspires faith and discussion at UW-Madison through our multitude of programs and services. Our peer mentorship programs offers students a space to ask questions and explore their faith journeys in a one on one environment. For students looking to explore their faith in a large group setting, we offer Alpha Omega, our weekly speaker series that features top local speakers, skits, community and fun.

To Love.

Join us in loving community at Alpha Omega for praise and worship and at the Holy Mass. By doing so, you will be capturing vital opportunities to grow meaningful relationships with your peers.

To Serve.

For those looking to live out their faith in service to others, Badger Catholic offers weekly local service opportunities in addition to national winter and spring break service trips (often to warm destinations).

Badger Catholic Staff

Executive Branch

Emily Halfman

Vice President
Joe Gagliardi

Executive Secretary
Mark Vandenburg

Nora Weber

Raina Richardson

Erin Daehn

Service Team

Service Team Leader
Crysta Frank

Service Intern
Alex Becker

Service Team Member
Grace Kunesh

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentor Team Leader
Susie Melk

Peer Mentor
Anthony Mancinelli

Peer Mentor
Abby Noel

Peer Mentor
Alexis Killian

Peer Mentor
Michael D’Amato

Peer Mentor
Morgan Green

Peer Mentor
Noah Joseph

Peer Mentor
Penina Boros

Peer Mentor
Madison Nacker

Peer Mentor
Samuel Larson

Peer Mentor
Liam Moreland

Peer Mentor
Lauren O’Neil

Marketing Team

Marketing Team Leader & Graphic Designer
Sarah Larson

Marketing Team Member
Niall Moore

Rossa Sabu

Outreach Team

Events Team Leader
Ella Schultz

Vita Pura Coordinator
Lauren Dirnberger

Fides et Ratio Coordinator
Patrick Francis

Alpha Omega Team Leader
DJ Noel

Alpha Omega Team Leader
Tierney Hall