National Service Trips

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the point of a service trip?

Service trips allow us to dedicate a week of our lives to serving others. During a week of service, our eyes can be opened to new experiences, as we intentionally walk in the footsteps of Christ and share in His mission to serve the poor.

What if I’m not religious? Can I still go on a service trip?

Yes! Our service trips are open to everyone!

Why do I have to pay to do service?

The registration fee covers the cost of transportation (rental car fees, gas, and insurance), food, and housing.

How do we get there?

We drive to all of our service trip destinations. Longer trips = longer time in a car. We use rental vehicles or vehicles provided by student volunteer drivers.

Do I need to pay right away?

Yes, the online registration system requires the full payment at the time of registration. Your spot is not confirmed until you have paid.

What if I can’t afford to pay? Are there scholarships available?

We offer scholarships to those with financial need. Please email to apply for a scholarship. We want everyone to be able to experience a service trip, so please reach out to us if you have any financial concerns!

Why do I need to provide my health insurance card?

We need your health insurance card in case there is an emergency. No worries, we keep everyone’s personal information strictly confidential.

Spring Break 2018 Service Trips

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that focuses on developing community with people in need by building and renovating houses. During volunteer hours, we will either be constructing a new home or performing rehabilitation of a historic Charleston home. Sunshine, beaches, American history, and southern hospitality await!

Louisiana loses nearly a football field size piece of land every hour, the equivalent of a city block in midtown Manhattan every 2.5 hours, due to coastal erosion and subsidence. Southern Louisiana also lost millions of hardwood trees that provide canopy and wildlife habitat during hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Isaac from 2005 through 2012.

Common Ground Relief owns their own nursery and conducts tree and marsh grass plantings for numerous city, state and federal agencies as well as for private property owners. On this service trip, volunteers will participate in wetlands restoration. You will also have the opportunity to explore downtown New Orleans!

No need to travel far from home to do service! On this service trip, you will work/live/play at Camp Gray, a Catholic summer camp and retreat center that employees a solid group of our Badger Catholic family. Help Camp Gray get ready for summer camp by staining their new dining hall furniture and organizing their facilities.