About Badger Catholic

Badger Catholic is the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s catholic student organization. Through our three pillars to know, to love, to serve, Badger Catholic actively facilitates the spiritual development of all students regardless of their faith background. We believe that by living a life through these three pillars we can create a strong faith based community where any student can feel at home.

Badger Catholic puts on a variety of programs so that all students may find where they best fit in with our organization. We offer service, community and faith based learning events every week so that all students may find a spot in Badger Catholic that fits their personality.

Upcoming at Badger Catholic

We are bringing back Badger Catholic date night! Ladies, join us December 12th at 6pm on the 5th floor of St. Paul’s for our date auction. Men, to join a group or set up a date use the QR code or reach out to [email protected]

Service Challenge

This week, compliment someones appearance!

This month, whenever you are at an event, make an effort to reach out and talk to someone who looks alone. Be genuinely interested in their life.