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The Badger Catholic President is the head of the organization. They work with staff to create objectives and strategies to fulfill our mission: to provide spiritual resources and services to all Badgers at Madison, regardless of faith or creed. The President oversees the operations of Badger Catholic and ensures that all tasks are delegated appropriately. The President leads hiring processes and evaluation of performance. The President prepares the agenda for and runs executive board and staff  meetings. Additionally, the President represents Badger Catholic to outside groups and organizations. The President also handles RSO and GSSF eligibility applications and compliance.

12-15 hrs/wk at $10.50 for a minimum of 2 semesters

The Badger Catholic Vice President is responsible for overseeing and supporting the core programming of Badger Catholic. The Vice President is to be particularly diligent through planning and oversight to ensure that all student programs and services are run smoothly. The Vice President prepares for and runs the Team Leader meetings. They also sit on the Executive Board. The Vice President assists in the hiring process for Badger Catholic. Additionally, the Vice President will perform any task the President deems necessary and delegates toward the Vice President and represents the organization if the President is unavailable.

8-10 hr/wk at $10.50 for a minimum of 2 semesters

The Executive Secretary is the head of human resources  within Badger Catholic and sits on the Executive Board. The Executive Secretary oversees the Marketing and Events Teams. They resolve all internal conflicts or issues. The secretary assists the President with employee accountability. They also support the Treasurer and review all financial materials. This includes, but is not limited to, approving logged hours for all employees and auditing budget spending.

10 hr/wk at $10.50 for minimum of 2 semesters

The Peer Mentors are primarily responsible for meeting with students on campus, especially those who have questions about faith and spirituality. The Peer Mentor facilitates conversations with these students and leads them to deeper understanding in areas where there is interest, doubt, or curiosity. 

Additionally, a Peer Mentor must attend weekly staff meetings throughout the year and is under the direct supervision of the Peer Mentor Team Leader. Finally, a Peer Mentor helps to support Badger Catholic’s events and to implement Badger Catholic programming.

6.5 hr/wk at $10.50

The Marketing Team Leader shall be responsible for Badger Catholic’s marketing operation by coordinating the design and production of media, creative, and poster advertising for all organization programming – including managing the organization’s website and social media accounts.  They shall ensure the organization’s message is distributed across several channels to targeted audiences in order to meet event attendance objectives and increase direct service usage and program attendance. They shall coordinate volunteers to post advertisements if need be. The Marketing Team Leader will present campaigns to the Executive Board for approval and advise on the effective use of the organization’s advertising budget. The Marketing Team Leader will also attend Team Leader meetings where they will advise the Executive Board.

8-10 hr/wk at $10.50

The Events Team Leader is responsible for developing and planning all non-service related events. They are also responsible for assigning employees to staff the events. These duties include, but are not limited to, scheduling accommodations and flights for speakers, reserving rooms for organization functions, and paying respective vendors. They are also charged with contacting and securing speakers for General Speaker Series Events and spearheading outreach and relationship building efforts with other campus groups to discuss event co-sponsorships and other collaborations. The Events Team Leader will keep meticulous records of event attendance for submission to the President. They also collaborate with and support the Events Team which includes the Vita Pura and Fides et ratio Coordinators. They attend the weekly Team Leader and staff meetings.

10 hr/wk at $10.50

The Vita Pura Coordinator is responsible for facilitating all Vita Pura programming and outreach under the direction of the Events Team Leader. Each week, he or she attends meetings with the Badger Catholic staff and with the leadership committee. The coordinator is instrumental in increasing campus awareness of the relationship between spirituality, sustainability, and community. He or she does this most specifically by organizing the weekly events, planning outings and retreats, coordinating outreach strategies to individual students and other student organizations. Additionally, the Vita Pura Coordinator oversees Vita Pura small groups, and updates the Badger Catholic website with Vita Pura’s information.

6 hr/wk at $10.50

The Ignite Team shall be responsible for aiding the Ignite Team Leader in planning, organizing, and implementing a better experience for all UW-Madison students who attend the weekly large group event. The positions are instrumental in providing students with the best experience as they attend our program and allow us to reach more students. These students will have a variety of responsibilities that include, but are not limited to, emceeing the event, preparing games and activities, planning post-event social gatherings, coordinating technical needs, organizing a band to play praise and worship music, acting as a panel to answer topical questions, and promoting the event on campus with tabling and advertising materials.

6 hr/wk at $10.50

Service Team Members will work with the Service Team Leader to run all of Badger Catholic’s service initiatives. The STMs are responsible for planning and running large service events on campus as well as weekly opportunities for local service. They will manage all logistics for service projects as well as assist students in identifying alternative volunteer opportunities. Ultimately, STM’s will strive to give all students the opportunity to participate in service activities.

8 hr/wk at $10.50

The Marketing Team Member will assist the Marketing Team Leader in their  responsibility for Badger Catholic’s marketing operation by managing social media accounts. This includes creating, editing, and posting across various forms of social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The Marketing Team Member will attend regular marketing team meetings and give constructive feedback regarding the marketing of Badger Catholic programming. They will also be in communication with the Badger Catholic staff regarding upcoming events and services.

5 hr/wk at $10.50

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