Peer Mentoring is a program provided by Badger Catholic for students who wish to engage one-on-one with the Badger Catholic staff and the Catholic faith. Peer Mentoring provides resources for students such as reading material, mentorship, and formation outlets to help Badgers grow in their faith and knowledge about the Catholic faith. The Peer Mentoring branch is responsible for organizing and providing knowledgeable, loving mentors for those students who ask for them, faith formation for staff and students through programs such as tabling (Q and A livestreams during COVID), and access to resources on our website and beyond.


Fundraisers are the primary driving force for Badger Catholic. We use money raised at these events in order to sponsor events like our encounter community. Fundraisers are also great community building events as it gives us more opportunity to gather together. Our popular Badger Catholic Date Night fundraiser will be making a return this winter!