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Position Descriptions

The Executive Secretary acts as the lead human resources person inside of the organization. They focus on keeping the organization running efficiently with no internal issues within the board, or the whole staff. This employee is also in charge of checking in with the board members to make sure that they are fulfilling their positions. Also, they act as the secondary budget facilitator to check over all work that is being done by that position. This includes, but is not limited to, approving logged hours for all employees and double checking budget spending. Roughly 8 hrs./week.

The marketing team leader will be responsible for promoting Badger Catholic events and programs. This includes chalking, using social media, designing swag, handing out flyers, and making personal invites. Other responsibilities include reaching out to other student organizations and creating a marketing plan for each program in Badger Catholic such as Fides et Ratio, Vita Pura, and Service. Roughly 8-10 hrs./week.

Peer Mentors are primarily responsible for meeting one-on-one with students who have an interest in learning more about faith or spirituality. The mentor’s goal is to first form an authentic friendship with mentees, and then aid in the mentee’s spiritual development. Peer Mentors engage in conversations with students and help them find deeper understanding in areas of  interest, doubt, or curiosity about faith. Peer Mentors also reach out to new students and increase Badger Catholic’s presence and impact on campus through various outreach efforts (i.e. barehanding, tabling, attending Alpha Omega, etc). Roughly 6 hrs./week.

The primary role of the Events Team Leader is to plan and execute two General Speaker Series events per semester.  The Badger Catholic GSS is an outreach event oriented towards the BC mission: to provide spiritual resources and services to all UW-Madison students, regardless of faith or creed.  Specific duties include brainstorming speakers with relevant/interesting topics, communicating with potential speakers, facilitating speaker paperwork, coordinating the speaker’s lodging, payment, and other logistics, and creating an event that maximizes outreach on the UW campus. Roughly 8 hrs./week.

Service Team Leader coordinates all of Badger Catholic’s service events and opportunities throughout the semester, encouraging BC members to serve other students on campus. Service Team Leader reaches out to various local organizations for volunteer opportunities and organizes group trips to these various volunteer organizations. In addition, the Service Team Leader hosts service events at St. Paul’s and creates weekly and monthly service challenges for BC members and parishioners. The Service Team Leader also takes care of BC’s library.

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