Fides et Ratio

Intersection of Faith and Reason Weekly Forum

Badger Catholic’s Fides et Ratio (“Faith and Reason”) is a group dedicated to helping students gain a better understanding of the Catholic approach to the study of faith and reason, science and religion. Faith and reason are not mutually exclusive.  Fides et Ratio provides a friendly intellectual environment for the free exchange of ideas in which members and guests come together for an hour to discuss “hot button” academic issues. From discussions of the Big Bang to biblical archaeology and from human evolution to the Just War Doctrine, all illuminated by faith, Fides et Ratio is proud to bear the Wisconsin Idea of academic and personal excellence into territories it has yet to travel and to bring back to it the Light which it so desperately needs. It is the mission of Fides et Ratio to take up and fulfill this challenge the university poses to its students, sifting and winnowing in all fields of knowledge to seek and find the ultimate Truth.

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Fides et Ratio Recordings

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Fides et Ratio recordings

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